KONČANE ZGODBE Predoselj Gorge Tour


In the Alpine valley of Kamniška Bistrica, there is a gorge, which has been hollowed out over several thousands of years by the Bistrica mountain river. The gorge is found less than a kilometre away from the mountain hut, under the road on the left hand-side if viewed in the direction of the hut. The gorge is 280m long, with the width ranging from 1 to 12m, and is up to 34m deep. The gorge is called Predoselj (also Predaselj according to some records).
A 72-metre long steel cable leads through its lower part where the gorge is the narrowest and the darkest. The cable leads along the gorge walls, a few metres above the Bistrica River. This way, we can see the wildest and the most inaccessible part of the gorge at a close distance by means of mountaineering and caving technique.  Visitors can see the overhanging walls which remind of the Baroque period features, the foaming water in the rapid river and its pools of turquoise-green water. The beds of the Kamniška Bistrica River are an exceptional and typical example of a river bed which is unique to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. During the tour, visitors receive information on the gorge history (wood transport by water, a cascade flowing over the wedged timber etc.).

With all these beautiful features around, the adrenaline is almost imperceptible and yet constantly present in everybody who descends the precipitous and dark gorge. This positive anxiety can be overcome by every visitor of this wonderful gorge if they have trust in the mountain guide and their technique. At the end of the adventure, visitors are usually very pleased about the fact that they have overcome fear and have been very active physically. The memory of this experience can break up your daily routine and fill you with energy and new joy for life. So don't hesitate and call as soon as possible to book a day full of adventure.

Visitors are offered three different activities:

a) A 34-metre rope descent into the gorge leading to the water and a lift out of the gorge. In doing so, visitors can see the most dangerous part of the gorge called Grmeči slap (the Thundering Waterfall) and the Divje srce (Wild Heart) pool. Collective work is possible when large groups are engaged in the descent and are then lifted. Such atmosphere enlivens the experience and strengthens the group’s collective spirit. The descent and lift takes 5 to 20 minutes for one person.
b)    Tyrolean traverse: A 14-metre rope descent followed by a further 72m descent down a steel cable.  The visitors exit the gorge in a basin between Mali and Veliki Predoselj, returning to the point of entry on foot.  The trip takes 15 to 30 minutes per person.
c)    Tyrolean traverse: A descent down a 120-metre steel cable.  Collective efforts of at least four persons are required for this type of descent.



descent and lift by rope

€15 per person + VAT


descent by a 72-metre long Tyrolean traverse

€30 per person + VAT


descent by a 120-metre long Tyrolean traverse

€15 per person + VAT

Upon previous arrangement, we offer discounts for groups, mountaineering societies, members of fire brigades and students.

We provide complete technical and safety equipment (already included in the price of guiding).

All above-referenced activities are recommended for healthy people from 12 years of age.

Trip organisation times: upon agreement throughout the entire year.




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